Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lonely Christmas

I'm feeling awfully restless.  Wish i would've worked today so that the day would go by faster.  Its Christmas Eve and it looks like I will be spending it by myself.  I think I'm gonna' get me some polish dinner at a local establishment I've never been to before.  kinda' lookin' forward to it.  The train was full otherwise I could have gone home.  I just found out I didn't have to work today otherwise i could've maybe bought it sooner.  I could drive but thats like 3 hours in the car today to see them for half a day then 3 hours back tomorrow.  I'm gonna' see em tomorrow anyways, so we'll just meet up after we do the extended family get together bull shit thing to open gifts and what not.  Don't really know if its right to call it bull shit but thats kinda' what it feels like.  Just seems like I only go to save face.  Same ol' questions, same ol' answers I told em' last time.  I feel like the majority of them may actually be sincere, at the moment.  I guess having people check in with you when they see you at a family function is better than nothin' at all, even if it feels contrived at times.

Really though, i think the issue is something in me.  I usually try to get away for holidays.  Find some excuse to get out of town.  Two years ago I spent christmas eve, christmas and new years with a whole bunch of strangers in biloxi, mississippi.  I spent christmas day with a whole bunch of jews and an agnostic who I met that morning.  it was a fabulous day.  They taught me a traditional jewish gambling game and we cleaned up a huge mess that the storm the night before made.  Had some amazing alligator gumbo. UUUHHHH. good day.  

Maybe I feel more comfortable in my own pain and loneliness than when I'm with others who seem happy.  

Maybe it feels to commercialized.  

Maybe its because I feel I have to conform and keep up the meaningless traditions in order to make everyone happy.  

I find a lot of joy when I give gifts to people that they enjoy, so you think I'd enjoy it more.  Who knows.

If only I could get inside my own mind.  If only I could understand myself.  Understand my thoughts, what drives me, what moves me, what makes me who I am, what has made me who I am and how I act now as a result of those past experiences.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Going Out, The Economy

I went out with the neighbors downtown Minneapolis.  It was fun but drinks were so expensive and I totally got hustled at the bar by a bachelorette party.  I love music and I love to dance and I love to drink.  There's just something about it.  So i was doing my thing, feeling the alcohol and moving to the music.  I always find a little open spot and just dance by myself it seems like. Don't know why.  I just love when the music feels like its surging through your every vein and all you can do is just move.  Dancing is surreal in these moments.  Everything else doesn't even matter.  Its just you and the music.

I was so hot so I went outside to cool off and they were playing some good stuff outside.  then all of a sudden Jackson 5 came on and I could barely contain myself.  I was dancing all over on the sidewalk.  People were walking by and looking at me.  Cops were walking by and i still kept going.  Then someone walks up to me, points to the window in the bar behind me and says, "everybody in there loves your dancing.  Keep going."  I turn around to look and there's like 10 people looking out the window at me.  They're laughing, clapping and taking pictures.  
I feel like dancing is almost spiritual.  Its like enlightenment.  I rarely feel more alive then when I'm moving to music.  Why don't people feel free to dance?  People talk to me and they say its awesome, but yet they won't join.  Why?  Especially guys.  I don't get it.  Fear? Afraid to embarrass themselves?  who knows.

 I've spent about 100 dollars on booze since Saturday... and its Friday morning.  I don't think thats right.  Especially since I don't make that much and work is cutting me back to 32 hours a week, aka 16 hours less on every paycheck.    Oh well, it is what it is.  When they told me they're gonna' have to cut back i was surprisingly cool with it.  Actually a little excited inside.  Hopefully it will help me appreciate my job more.  I've only been there 6 months, which is actually a long time for me at a job.  I think about quitting all the time.  This whole 40 hours a week thing isn't really for me.  Maybe I'll change someday.  I just want something that I love that moves me.  A place where I can help people, where I feel free, where I desire to go, where I can make a difference in the world.  A place where I don't look at the clock or countdown to the weekend.    I know, I know.  Keep dreamin' son,  keep dreamin'.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I got paid to pick out a christmas tree yesterday and set it up and what not at work.  I didn't know how to distinguish the different types of trees or that you're supposed to cut the bottom inch off. Every time i do stuff like this, or other basic construction tasks, something inside me hurts while my boss and coworkers explain the way to perform each task.  I crave for my father to teach me these things and it feels like there's a wound or there's something missing internally.  
He used to do all kinds of stuff like that with me when I was younger, but then it just kinda faded away as his depression hit him harder.  He's but a wraith, a shadow of the man he once was.  

Seems I'm turning into the same.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The beginning of a new era.  I've got so many things on my mind, but can't share them through the usual medium (read as facebook).  I'm not ashamed of who I am and what I do, I just can't bear the thought of hurting my little sister, and I'm not willing to deal with all the bull from people judging me according to their notions of what's right and wrong.  great friends.  just kidding.  More to come.