Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Catchin' Feelings

"I'm a street nigga', hard body, but she got me catchin' feelings..." - DMX

Thats what I feel like right now.  I never let this stuff get to my head, but its there now. I've been seeing this girl off and on.  Much more off than on lately though.  She's got my head in a twist dizzy.   The signs she gives me are mainly from the "Let's just be friends" camp, but every once in awhile though she'll throw in a curve ball.  The problem is I'm really into her and those little signs that indicate she might like me completely supersede all the other obvious signs.  Things like going out with me and then having me drop her off at the movie theater at 9:30 at night to meet a guy there.  Things like not calling or texting for almost 2 weeks and blowing off our dance class.  Things like saying in the same conversation that she had dated a guy for 3 months and all they did was kiss and that 95 percent of her guy friends have a crush on her.  

I still feel like everything she says is true and I still buy the excuses. 
Are these feelings making me numb to logic?  Am I too trusting in general?  Does this somehow stem from my lack of confidence?  

She invited me over for dinner with a friend last night.  We didn't say a whole lot.  Joked around a little, watched TV, ate.  I was trying to read her the whole night, but I couldn't.  I know that I'm stupid when it comes to understanding women and seeing the signs, but seriously...  

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