Friday, March 27, 2009

I really wish my dad would have taught me how to shave.
I don't think of it that often anymore, but I used to.  In my mind its a certain rite of passage, an initiation into manhood.  Anyways...

Pretty sure I'm dealing with depression again.  I went rollerblading today and took a shower, but other than that, I've got nothing to show for the day and its 8:30pm.  I've got projects that I need to do and plenty of free time, but I can't even get myself to start on them.  I've got a lot of things goin' on right now that I'm not happy about, so I could just be reacting to those things, but I don't know.  It feels larger than that.  
I fill up all of my time and don't give myself a chance to think.  I'm a people person and an extrovert, but still there needs to be sometime to slow down and be at peace.  Its nights like tonight that make me want to call people until I find someone who is free, or else just start drinking and watch a movie, or crank the music and start dancing.    More to come.

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